What should be a good positioning

What should be a good positioning is intended to inspire and encourage to action (if you’re not a rabbit it intends to devour the coyote). Not that it is spinning around money, market share and your managerial ego, writes Guy Kawasaki in the business bestseller The Art of The Start: The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything.

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Therefore, according to guy Kawasaki positioning should be:

  • Positive. Entrepreneurship is not war, so no need to talk about the company military terms. The purpose of your company is not to knock the other company from the market. The consumer is not interested in your squabbles with the competitors. He is interested in what benefits he will gain by becoming a customer of your company.
  • Client Centric. The positioning should show that you are willing to do for a client, and not what you want for yourself. Stating that your company is “market leader”, you look egocentric, not client centric. Besides, it is incorrect – how do you prove that you are the leader? But if some other company will announce himself as a leader, that you will be able to argue?
  • Inspiring. Your employees must believe that the activities of the company improves the world. For example, the eBay employees believe that through their work they help people to achieve financial success. This belief motivates them to strive to bust my ass and get pleasure from it.
  • Excluding gains a winning position, good positioning is of some real tactical and strategic goals clear and close to the customers, suppliers, employees, journalists and partners. But because good positioning should be:
  • Is self-evident. The positioning should be unambiguous in the presentation of their arguments. It focuses on such areas as saving money and increasing revenue, as well as in the higher – peace of mind, education and joy.
  • Specific. Good positioning is aimed at certain group of consumers. From it immediately clear that you enter in this target group or not. For example, “to improve the security of web sites” sounds much more broad and vague than “to reduce the risk of fraud when you make online transactions on the websites of commercial banks”.
  • Profile. Proper positioning focuses on the core business of your company, and not its other products or services. For example, Apple is positioning itself primarily as the inventor of new and innovative devices. She cannot brag of special achievements in the field of IT-consulting – does not.
  • Relevant. Key competencies of the company must respond to the key needs of the target consumer. If this match is, the positioning will not attract the attention of customers.
  • Long — lasting. If IBM started his career under the motto “Provide stores cash registers”, it would be very unfortunate positioning. A worse solution would be to name a company National Cash Register (“national cash register”). Aspire to such a position that will not lose relevance a hundred years.
  • The original. Your positioning must be different from konkurentske. Unfortunately, many companies build their positioning as if they have no competitors or all competitors, that is, absolute morons. But if is possible, in rare cases.

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