What do managers fear

There is one seemingly very simple principle, using which managers could obtain from their subordinates much higher efficiency, productivity and effectiveness. However, for some reason, very few managers manage this principle in practice. Someone justifies his behavior by lack of time, others complain about the large number of pressing matters that fell on their shoulders.

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However, lately there are more and more studies that explain the behavior of middle managers and even senior managers banal discomfort. It turns out that leaders also know how to be afraid, writes the edition Management Issues.

Many readers may have already guessed that we are talking of course about the feedback. And while subordinates dream of a Frank conversation with his direct supervisor, the majority of managers behave too arrogant to just sit down and discuss with a colleague the prospects of its further growth, to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of, praise for achievements and to point to possible problem areas.

And all this despite the fact that feedback (if you follow a few simple rules) can very positively affect results of activity of the whole company, not to mention strengthening relations between employees. What feedback helps people to notice the problem areas in my work that I probably just didn’t pay attention to self-assess their effectiveness and compliance with corporate culture, and even to change the direction of career development.

This may seem strange, but somehow, in traditional logic, it is considered that workers are afraid of direct and candid conversations with management. Perhaps because according to the stereotypes, these conversations are not responsible for them any good. However, the modern worker is not like that. He’s not just “the wheel” in the company. It is a full organ of a living organism. Without it, the company will be seriously ill or might just not be able to exist. Therefore, every worker deserves the attention of the Manager and has every right to it!

Modern managers should remember that their subordinates not only want feedback, but also require effective implementation. They should, therefore, once and for all to forget about any excuses why they can’t communicate with a colleague. After all, this depends directly on the performance of the company. And that is not the company’s results, is included in the direct areas of responsibility of managers?

And finally – talk to the employees about their work successful not only when it’s time to increase, or Vice versa – release. Talk to them every day. Let’s understand that they have value. And you know what a truly loyal staff.

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