The strategic goal should be simple

The strategic goal should be simple, says the author of the blog Church of the Customer Ben McConnell. Of course, it is not that it should be easily reachable (usually in reverse). But since the strategic goal of the company should be clearly organize at all levels of the organization – it should be very easy to read.

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The strategic goal is the “Holy Grail” the existence of any organization. It is with them usually involves most of the plans and on their implementation the company spends more money and effort. Not surprisingly, there is a temptation to describe the strategic goal of a very long and detailed. As a result, to the description of the strategic objectives is not only the goal itself, but the whole set of tactics and strategies that will be implemented to achieve it. The whole cargo only complicates the perception of the target, making it virtually impossible understanding. And the fact that it is impossible to understand – impossible achieve.

Ben gives an example of such “overloaded” the purpose for which he had to face one of the companies:

“To understand how to create the best opportunities for innovation in products, listening to the needs of our consumers through the use of communications solutions to the world level, which will depend on the relationship with consumers and to help consumers to interact and cooperate with each other”.

This goal is difficult not what to remember but even to understand. It is unlikely you will be able to repeat it if someone wakes you up in the middle of the night. She is overloaded with strategies and solutions. And it is unlikely to “hook” someone’s imagination because there is no sharp definition.

Properly announced, ready for communication purpose as sharp as the name of a popular article in a quality magazine. The goal is intention. It can be compared to the intention of the player who takes the field. He says: “I intend to win.” And who cares how he’s going to do. This can be a quick game for accuracy, and can be protracted match of endurance. The main thing that the player has a goal and he intends to achieve it.

In order to create a simple purpose, it should discard all superfluous, to abandon any hint of planned actions, strategies or tactics and focus on “soul intentions” that you aim to bring to life.

Using this approach, you can rephrase the above objective as:

To innovate by listening to customers.

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