Seth Godin about ad blockers or when advertisers wake up

One of the most popular in the world of marketing, is the author of several business bestsellers, Seth Godin (Seth Godin) in his blog explains what real marketing is and why ad blocker is a natural reaction of tired of the consumer.

More and more people block out advertising banners in their browsers.

Of course, the people block is always ignoring her.

Fifteen years ago, when I started writing about the new rules of marketing (Permission Marketing), I noted that when advertising is not required, only the is which is needed, which is perceived as directed to you that is adequate will have an effect.

Advertisers had fifteen years to demonstrate restraint and self-restraint. They have not had the opportunity to monitor the behavior of people online, not to insert here and there, constantly advertising, and most importantly — to show the ads we really want to see.

Unfortunately, it apparently was too difficult a requirement. And the result is a relentless race through a downward users took matters into their own hands — and with a sledgehammer cut off all advertising. It is difficult to develop a “white list” of advertisers, it is difficult to create an ad blocker that will block only selfish and annoying banners. And if some advertisers have adopted the principle of “If it’s legal and cheap, ahead”, a new generation of ad-blockers is based on the principle “delete all”.

These programs undermine the fundamental principle of the media, which is already a hundred years old: free content in exchange for attention. The state controlled TV advertising, and the cost of paper also have served a specific quality control for magazines and Newspapers. But the Internet is more and more people come to the conclusion that the deal just won’t work, and they have unilaterally decided to abandon it. They don’t miss is and for surveillance of themselves.

This emphasizes that the fundamental principles of business growth today are:

  • The best marketing is not advertising, but well made and an outstanding product.
  • The best way to get in contact with users is gradually, over time to achieve the privileges to make contact with them.
  • To make products for your customers much better than to find clients for your products.
  • Horizontal diffusion of ideas (from human-to-human) is much more effective than vertical is on the principle of “top-down”.
  • It is not the amount of data. The data should serve as specific promises.
  • Having standard products and anything more than boring advertising and noise, build a profitable brand.
  • Media, as before with respect to its advertising (like Vogue), and will continue to flourish, because the best advertising is advertising which is missed when she is gone.
  • Media companies will always serve the master that pays the bills — the advertisers. At some point advertisers will Wake up and decide to do business in new ways. I think that if media on which we all rely, will change too. And yet, it seems that many online consumers have had enough of this throat.

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