Rules that make good managers who they are

What makes head really good? This question on the pages of the HBR blog has tried to answer Robert Sutton, Professor of management at Stanford University and author of the famous book Good Boss, Bad Boss. Robert is convinced that no one curriculum and no one popular the University is not able to turn the head of a good leader, if it does not have a certain mentality.

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For a long period of research and observation have proven that the best leaders inherent set of beliefs that never even came to mind or actively denied by the worst leaders. Below is a list of these beliefs:

  1. I have an incomplete and false picture of what it means to work for me.
  1. My success and the success of my team depends heavily on the ability to perform obvious and repetitive tasks, not a magical gift or breakthrough ideas.
  1. The presence of ambitious and clear goals is of great importance. But do not think about them constantly. My job is to focus on the small victories that allow people to do every day one more step to the goal.
  1. One of the most important and challenging aspects of my success is the ability to maintain the precarious balance between excessive persistence and lack of persistence at all.
  1. My job is to protect the people from external interference and distractions… including my interventions in their work.
  1. I have to be cocky enough to show people that I’m responsible, but humble enough to admit that I’m often wrong.
  1. I have to fight like I’m always right, and listen to the opinions of others as if I’m always wrong. But the main thing – to teach subordinates.
  1. One of the best methods to assess my leadership and my organization – to answer the question of what happens when someone from the staff makes a mistake.
  1. Innovation is a very important aspect for any team or organization. So my job is to inspire people to generate and test different ideas. But it is equally important to teach them to abandon bad ideas… and most are good as well.
  1. Wrong your company has a greater effect than good. Therefore, your first priority is to get rid of the bad instead of storing good.
  1. How I do my job has the same meaning as what I’m doing.
  1. Because I have power over others, in a “perfect” moment to start acting like a bastard and not even notice it. So you need to look very carefully and analyze their behavior, that did not happen.

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