The personal aspect of your brand

Branding has many faces and forms. And the Internet gives business owners a new set of unique tools of branding. One of the most powerful, especially when we are talking about small businesses – the so-called personal branding, the authors of the blog Small Business Branding.

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Below are some of the most convenient ways of expressing identity online.

  • Blogs. Blogging is a great way of communication with your customers, which gives you the opportunity to offer new products and services. No matter what you do, the blog is able to convey the necessary information to key audiences. In addition, your visitors can leave their impressions and suggestions in the comments section of the blog that opens up the possibility for two-way communication.
  • Video. Every day videos are becoming more and more popular marketing tool for small business owners. The video is a real boon for people who never considered themselves good writers. It gives all the same benefits as blogging. You can upload your video to special free services and open access for their customers. In the end, you can use video in the same blog.
  • Audio. Audio preceded the video as a marketing tool. So called podcasts are still extremely popular. Communicating with customers or potential customers via the audio file you slovenijales through their own voice, intonations and even words that you choose. In addition, your audience is extremely convenient to listen to audio files. They can use mp3 player and to listen to the recordings at any convenient place at any time.
  • Image. The role of pictures and images in communication with customers is often overlooked. The photo of the author at the end of a good book is a way to visually get acquainted in absentia with the person whose thoughts you just read. In addition, such images increase the sense of confidence. If the person is not afraid to show his photos so she has nothing to hide.
  • The social network. Sometimes it seems that the influx of social networking has completely taken over the world. And for good reason. Participation in social networks enables the business owners to maintain contact with your suppliers, colleagues and customers on a completely new informal level.

As you can see, the Internet allows owners of business to make an impression on its customers through a variety of convenient and easy to use tools. But remember that good branding is a gradual and long process that cannot happen “in a day”. The Internet can make it easier, but not to automate. Therefore, the identity of the person will always be in the first place.

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