On Quality of Education

In most of the countries a proper practice is carried out of children attending school and only in rare cases is educated by their parents in a type of home schooling system. This might be due to some culture norms or other religion based issues, I believe that a school can generally provide children with a proper standard education.

In my opinion, I think the most important point is to ensure the overall quality of education for all students. Not only is it impractical for working parents to find sufficient time to teach their children, but they are not in practice to teach and subject experts like teachers are. Most important, in a school a proper curriculum and regular tests and viva is conducted to ensure children learn all the required skills. Parents might be more biased and lenient when judging their own children’s skills.

Furthermore, a school can provide equal opportunities to all children in getting a solid base education and a balanced image of the world. Some parents might be excellent at teaching, while others are less ambitious and may have a narrow or low level of education to teach. Similarly, children with special education needs may need the help of an expert which are more easily available at a school. Finally, some parents have extreme political views while some are more bound to religion and race and thus leaving education to them would deprive children of the chance to explore and learn different views and Children must be given the chance to form their own opinion.

Another important consideration is that attending a school is a social learning experience. Children grouped together and interaction between the same age gives them a theme to build their capacity While being home schooled, children miss out on having to find their place in groups, they lack the importance of proper punctuality and proper timing and behavior changes may also be noticed, which is an important learning experience for their future. Despite the fact that parents are role models for their children, teachers can play a fundamental role in helping children explore their talents and interests.

In the ending, I conclude that parents do play a major role in their children’s education, but schools have overall proved themselves to provide the better and more balanced education. However areas where schooling practice is absent then parents should teach their children in order to bring them up to the level of standardization to some extent.

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