How to manage people who drive you to anger

Ideally, everyone wants to work with pleasant and accommodating staff, but not necessarily have to deal with people you just don’t like. If it’s valuable employees, then you have to adjust your management approach for their own peace of mind and efficiency of the team. Richard Felony, the author of the Business Insider magazine, cites eight tips that will help to establish more productive relationships even with people who annoy you immensely.

  1. Take it as a fact that you don’t have to be a friend to all his colleagues

Between business and personal life is the face, and sometimes it is useful to denote emotional distance between you and your subordinates. Says Stanford University Professor, the author of the business bestseller “Good boss, bad boss” Robert Sutton, from the performance point of view, when you too like subordinates is a more serious problem than when they don’t like. Some tension will even help your team understand how it should function in reality.

  1. Understand, than they annoy you

Colleagues irritate your communication style? His aggressiveness, or, conversely, lethargy? Once you understand that they hurt you, you will be able to articulate how to manage them. It is important to remember that you can not change the nature of the employee, but you can change your approach to it.

  1. Communicate with them in a positive way

Employees want to please the boss. Maintain professional, friendly relationships, even with colleagues who annoy you the most. This will help to focus on tasks and avoid unnecessary conflicts.

  1. Think about what these people useful for the team

If you already understand that the employee is quite talented, and should be retained in the company, focus on what makes it a valuable worker, and not on how it annoys you. If his ego conflict with his work tasks, consider in what capacity he will perform better. For example, people who always try to bring their cases to perfection, it can cope with the additional tasks.

  1. Emotions should not undermine your leadership

Unpleasant employee behavior should not affect how you feel about him or appreciate his work. To look at it more objectively, try to understand why a person behaves this way.

  1. Speak freely

Burdensome habits and traits of the employee can be tolerated only until a certain time. No need to bring up the fact that it starts you around, — the Fast Track columnist Anita Bruzzese. If the insolent behavior of the employee or his tendency to complain about the job of the authorities undermines the team spirit, let him. Explain what exactly is the problem, and suggest alternatives.

  1. Work with them side by side

Research shows that collaborative work on complex projects can develop employees like each other, says Robert Sutton. If you give the problem employee the chance to prove himself in the case, you will have less reason to be annoyed by his behavior at work, even if you don’t take it into the weekend with a picnic.

  1. Watch how to relate to other employees

Look closely, the other workers you communicate with a person who annoys you. It may be that the tension is caused through your own communication style. Then it can be corrected.


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