That magic word “Free”

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That magic word “free” to attract the buyer’s attention, often use the word “free”, and your generosity will pay off handsomely. We offer 10 ways on how this can be done.

  1. Bonus

The basic principle is illustrated with the scheme: “Buy two chairs, get the third free”. An old trick that everybody knows, “but it works”. The proposal to buy three products for the price of two, by definition, is tempting, but its appeal increases if you apply a third of the goods as a “free gift”.

  1. Cross gift

“Buy two pairs of shoes and get the brand of Shoe brush as a gift” – a similar trick. In this case it is important to note one caveat: the gift should be functional or just an associative relation to the goods. In other words, a free glass to the packaging of beer is more likely to interest the buyer than the baseball cap that is offered together with plastic Windows.

  1. Free part

If you sell a book or, say, a course of lectures, is not the only sure way to interest a potential audience is to give it a try a piece. Allow for free to read two chapters or watch the first two periods. This free part is very important in making decision by the client. Don’t skimp, laying out the least interesting parts. On the contrary, they must be the most successful in order to persuade the customer to buy.

  1. Free demo version

Tactics well suited to sell software or pay online services. The demo version needs that the consumer could be convinced that it offers really worthwhile, useful thing. Usually, though, the demo version has a limited feature list and the buyer will not be able to know the product in all its glory, so consider this: maybe, in your case it is easier to use the following tactics.

  1. Temporary free access

The period during which you allow the user to test the product without paying a single cent for it, depends on your generosity. But it should not be too short – definitely at least a day and preferably a week. This time should be enough that the client was able to appreciate all the benefits of the transaction.

  1. Free shipping

For many, the question of delivery is a key when deciding on a purchase. They will like this proposal. You put the shipping cost in the price of goods. I should add that even with the surcharge it is possible to provide the client with a free pickup, which is also a form of encouraging the buyer for the shipped order.

  1. Free warranty

“If the download link does not appear in Your Inbox within 10 minutes, we will send you the video course for free and will refund the money You have spent”. This is a very bold tactic but to resort to it should be only under the condition that you are fully confident in their abilities to provide the stated level of service. At the same time, such a guarantee is usually highly valued by the consumer.

  1. Free service

You can not call this tactic the original, because the free warranty service is included in the standard package of any company manufacturing or selling equipment, which are a little self-respect. And yet, the magic word “free” can play here. The buyer immediately understands that you will not leave him alone with the purchase, and will help in case of an emergency.

  1. Free catalog

If in stock in your store, hundreds of products, it is easier to issue them in a separate directory which you can then distribute to customers. Of course, “paid directory” sounds quite unusual. But why not once again to emphasize that for the convenience of the client, you are providing full information about their proposals and do not require a penny in return.

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