Who are the leaders of the 5th level?

At the head of all companies who have achieved outstanding results during the implementation of the reforms was standing, according to Jim Collins in his book Good to Great. Who and what, in fact, the qualities you need to possess in order to achieve this level?

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The head of the 5th level is a person who combines outstanding human qualities with strong professional will. Leaders of companies that have achieved outstanding results, often possess a certain duality of nature: they seem to be shy and even clumsy in appearance, but are very strong-willed personalities to lead us in the right direction in spite of obstacles.

A characteristic feature of the leaders of the 5th level of interest in the long-term success of the company, desire to make their organization better without giving importance to the fact that not everyone will know whose efforts were the basis of success. The company that depends on one person interested in bringing results here and now, can’t be successful in the long term. The leaders of the 5th level understand this, and take care to educate your heir.

The best leaders of the twentieth century is practically unknown to the public – they shunned publicity and did not genuinely recognize your contribution (what you’ve heard about George Gane, Alan Wurtzel, David Maxwell, Colman Mockler, Darwin Smith, Jim Herringa, Lily Everingham, Joe Cullman, Fred Allen, Cork Volgina, Carla Reichard?). Leaders of companies that have achieved outstanding results, never tried to get on the podium, unlike some mediocre leaders. Their characteristic modesty. And this modesty is not invented.

The leaders of the 5th level are characterized by a firm determination, almost stoic with a need to do what needs to be done to transform your company into a great. Calm and persistence are manifested as significant decisions like selling part of the business and style of work.

The leaders of the 5th level of “look out the window” – attribute success to external factors when things go well. If these factors are absent, they blamed everything on luck. And Vice versa, take it all in, “look in the mirror” when something goes wrong.

No ready recipe for how to become the leader of the 5th level. Jim Collins puts forward the hypothesis that to reach the 5th level with the right approach – introspection, self-development, mentoring, life experience can be every person, are able to subordinate their personal needs (fame, money, recognition) in order to create, build, develop something really great.

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