The key competence of a manager

Sad to admit, but most people in managerial positions, in fact, are not designed to engage other people. Most of them did not even realize that the skills of a specialist in any professional field and Manager are not just strong, but in the root. You could even say that it’s a completely different skill set.

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On how formal the Manager (who took his position “service”) can be a good Manager, write in the blog edition Management Issues.

Unlike any professional who successfully cope with their work, managers should not directly perform certain tasks, but they need to “motivate” other people to implement them. This is a key difference between the competencies of a Manager and specialist.

A wise Manager acts as a catalyst, an amplifier, a mentor and the main engine for development of the people who surround him and who work with him. On this subject there is a good quote: “as long as you work under someone’s leadership, you develop yourself; when you become a leader then your job is to develop others.” A good Manager knows how to maintain a balanced coaching style, and subordinates increasing the level of respect for him and never get the feeling that “the Manager does nothing”.

To be a wise Manager means to solve problems. You get to the Central focus of the employees who have problems, questions, or cannot make a decision. In all situations where they may behave passively – you have to be proactive. A good leader always trust and turn to him for advice.

The role of the Manager is to be a helper. When the team works well – you have to let her go. But when she has problems – it is your duty to help her. And all the while creating new ways to develop and find new opportunities that will make the team more effective.

In other words, the achievement of each individual team member is his own achievements. Error each subordinate is error it Manager. Therefore, it is worth remembering that contrary to popular stereotype, the Manager is not a ruler, a Manager is a servant.

And do you follow such principles?


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