Invincibles and why be a legend dangerous

Legendary marketer Seth Godin in his blog writes about why the infallibility of big companies is a myth, and a harmful myth.

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There are quite a seductive position for the brand status it invulnerable, invincible leader who cannot be subordinate, which is not able to lose. It is a force that cannot be resisted, is an object that cannot be moved from the occupied space.

The public likes this macho ideal. It’s Superman in real life that demonstrate the anger of a cornered tiger in a cage. This Avengers comic book, it’s characters, brought to life.

It’s Norman mailer, Mike Tyson, is Wells Fargo and VW.

But there are problems.

First, it is image and status is not massturbate. When an invincible brand or figure runs into a barrier that cannot be overcome, all of a sudden all the past promises becomes difficult to perform. And if this invincible figure succeeds in this case, it is even more eager for new conquests — and then failure becomes inevitable.

Secondly, this is a bad strategy. In the long run, persistence and perseverance always bring more than naked force. Instincts encourage an invincible brand to win in every battle, even the smallest. But if you wear armor, this armor sooner or later cracks and when these cracks grow, the hero stumbles, and then falls.

But mostly the fact that the invincible brands absorbed in themselves and create problems for yourself. They are constantly creating pressure on yourself to find a new challenge, a new opponent, which must be humiliating. It’s an endless need for people who need to intimidate the enemies, which you need to conquer, and new battles (it is for them as fuel). This creates a dramatic effect, but brings no real benefit.

If you constantly need to create the image of “the other”, which you oppose, your tribe is reduced in size.

If you are not able to say “I made a mistake”, it is to be a leader you will be incredibly difficult. You begin not to manage, and manage, to get involved in minor skirmishes, to evade rules and to blame the referees who are these rules being followed.

Ultimately, the brand that takes a stand invincible, becomes weak and full of fear. Because of this situation no way out — nowhere else to go.

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