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Some people outside the United States say teens exposed to large doses of U.S. culture on MTV will identify less with their own societies and will desire Western goods they cannot afford. MTV’s response: “It’s just fun, it’s only TV” What do you think? Are there dangers in broadcasting U.S.-style programs and ads to developing countries?

This has been a debate for quite a while but everyone has to have a stand and I personally believe there are no real proven dangers in broadcasting U.S style programs and ads to developing countries. I say this based on the actual facts available, which in my opinion; the pros weigh more than the cons based on the topic of discussion. Of course some people will debate over it and say there is the danger that people in the developing countries will not be satisfied with what they have.  American programs and ads provide a picture of a very wealth and materialistic culture.  If people in developing countries see these broadcasts live on television and on the internet, there wants might exceed their capabilities. This normally leads to discontent amongst so many people. From their point of view, we can confidently conclude that the reasoning is not logical since the all countries have poor men and women and human wants are insatiable whether you are in U.S or in any small developing country.

Broadcasting of these shows promotes globalization which in turn always opens up opportunities for the very many less developed countries to enter into the global market place. For them to enter into this market place they must to follow and adapt with the global to be able to know how the business works at that level.

Broadcasting of these shows makes our world today more globalized than it was it in the recent past. People and countries are now able to get connected to larger and wider economies of different countries. In addition, culture can also be shared amongst different countries and this even creates good relations with different countries hence creating peace. This can only happen through the broadcasts of such channels that promote globalisation.

These TV broadcasts have a great impact which can be seen from various global changes. For instance, an  example of this is simply could be that most of the things we buy or possess are products of other countries. Through ads we are able to see these items and most of them are attractive. This therefore is what leads one to know certain good things exist and seek to find them. The machine I am using right now is made in Canada. This would not be possible to acquire without globalization and ads used to promote it.

Culture promotion as a business

Through ads there is competition as in the present world culture pays. People pay to view certain things and this is a form of employment as people are employed for certain things. This in turn improves the living standards of very many individuals. Everyone is now able to showcase their culture, it a way of both getting an employment and at the same time promoting your culture since it is possible these days to view different programs and know what other countries are doing live on air.

Stabilized and enhanced security

Through broadcast, which is part of globalization, we are able to know what is happening to other countries. News gives us real time update on what the situation is like. For instance a country might have been attacked and through globalization and awareness the U.S which is a military superpower might come when assistance is greatly needed to help stabilize the situation. It is hard to imagine this since there is war now and again all over the world, but the fact remains globalization is what has helped solve most of this violence.

Improved level of Equality throughout the world

Many U.S citizens might say that their standard of living have dropped because of globalization. Reason being that hundreds of thousands of people around the world are employed and have started their own businesses and can be able to provide for their families. Most people living in the U.S. take many basic things for granted, for instance, shelter and water is readily available  and their living standards is so high compared to many other countries. But we cannot concentrate on the few complaining since majority of people in developing countries are now able to also put care and feed their families.

Improved Education and Health Systems

Through globalization we are able to learn a lot. This goes all the way from culture to the schools in general. We are able to learn new cultures and at the same time we are able to grasp most of the knowledge through this change. We are backed with facts and can clearly say that the education level has increased in recent years and this has been majorly because globalization has a catalyst to the jobs that require higher skills set.

This demand has enabled people to gain higher education. Health and education are basic needs nowadays in order to improve any nation. Moreover, there are strong and vital relationships between health, education and even economic growth. Once the economy level increases, the living standards also increase.

Digital compression technology made it possible for MTV to program across a global network. What other technological innovations have helped companies to think globally and act locally?

One of these innovations is Internet retailers for instance the Amazon is able to make online books in English available globally across all networks and countries. However, it also has an online service which helps in accommodating those in Spanish and French speaking countries. It is a localized approach and the French version of Amazon is used to further localize its books by offering them. From this we can conclude Amazon can clearly continue to localize itself by choosing other languages where relevant number of readers is situated.

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