The ingredients of innovations in your company

Thanks to the innovative principles and procedures of the management company may receive a significant competitive advantage, and change the distribution of forces on the market. If you want creative in the kitchen your company to continuously give rise to new management ideas, you need to stock up on the necessary ingredients. The list of such ingredients offers business guru Gary Hamel in his article “the Why, What and How of Management Innovation”.

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Show a serious management problem. That is more significant the problem, the more opportunities for innovation it opens. To detect it, ask yourself three main questions: what the important issues your company can not reach a compromise; what’s the weakness of your organization; what challenges await your company in the future. Look around and you will see the problem which is worth pondering today.

Search for new principles, identify new approaches. None of the old problem of existing methods to solve it. Do not expect that the order depleted the vaults of the ideas you will be able to find the seeds of new discoveries. This does not mean that the old principles wrong. They just don’t work for you, if you want to constantly advance and update your strategy. Try to find non-standard solution which would help you to open a new layer of management innovations. Start your search with a simple question: what new features or the ability to have your organization and why?

Give up dogmas. To evaluate new management principles, try to get rid of their old notions. And you realize that, unfortunately, many “truths” of management theory on the check are just accept on faith, dogma. All they need initially, questioning, evaluating, and does not interfere with the dogma to achieve objectives and to act contrary to common belief.

Search for and use of analogy. Explore experience distinctive organizations. After even a superficial study, you will find many original forms that have nothing to do with the device companies, but which all try to follow. Find unexpected analogies – they will tell you bold solutions to difficult management problems. Of course, once you are unlikely to reshape the basic, even outdated management procedures. Try to create a division – a testing ground for new methods and see what results they give.

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