How to get more from learning

Very soon, current entrants will leave school desks and will be among the students. You probably heard that the student years are called the best in life. This is true, but one should not assume that while studying at a university you can only enjoy life. However, only going to lectures, doing homework and waiting, when you finally get a diploma – this is also not an option. Why? Because in order to get your place under the sun – that is a good job – you need to start working on this already from the first year.

To become popular on the labor market, one diploma is already scarce. How to be competitive? How to convince the employer that you are the very employee that he needs? First of all, remember that the employer is looking for people with experience. Where to take it to a student, you will say. In fact, this is real. Just do not have to wipe your pants in the audience, you need to improve.

Firstly, you will be provided with experience and internships. Most students perceive the practice as hard labor. This is the wrong way. Practice must be taken responsibly. Then you will be able to understand whether the chosen profession is to your liking, whether it is worth continuing to study at this faculty, or, perhaps, it’s better to transfer to another one. In addition, if you are good at a company where you will practice, you will get a chance to work here. Look for opportunities to practice or internship in the organizations that you are interested in, where you might want to work. And do not give up if you are refused: try again and again.

Secondly, take an active part in the social life of the university. Even if it’s a humorous circle or a tourist circle. Here you can get acquainted with like-minded people, make useful contacts, show your qualities of the organizer. Also you will be aware of the events and will lead an active lifestyle. And candidates with an active lifestyle are always interested in employers.

Third, look for opportunities for international exchange. Be interested in grants, projects, opportunities to spend at least a couple of weeks abroad. This is a great experience, new experiences and acquaintances and also another plus to your resume. If you studied at an international school, like in, then this will greatly help you.

Fourth, next to basic training, do not forget about self-study. Your university probably has many courses, study programs, additional classes. Try to visit those that are most interesting to you. This is an opportunity to improve their skills already during the student years. Try to cover as much information as possible.

Remember: in order to succeed, we must move forward. While studying at a university you have a unique opportunity to make significant steps towards a future career. Believe me, it’s better to skip a couple of parties and discos and go to additional courses than then, after obtaining a diploma, not to have a job.

Of course, at first it will not be easy. But, as psychologists say, you should go beyond the comfort zone – only then you will open new horizons.

You need to learn not only at school or at a university, but wherever you are. Be active and inquisitive!

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