Five tips about recommendation marketing

Five tips recommendation marketing website small business owners say that new customers come to them for advice, but few of them can explain what actually happen to these recommendations. However, no magic in this, and it’s not a matter of chance, says Andy Sernovitz, the head of Gas Pedal consulting company specializing in “word of mouth” marketing.

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A good recommendation is the result of well planned and implemented strategy, focused on the delivery of zealous supporters and their stories about you. And to start is fairly easy.

Andy Cernovs, who wrote a wonderful book Word of Mouth Marketing, to offer the following 5 tips recommendation marketing.

  1. Just ask

Before going further, make sure you make the most simple, direct and effective action in the strategy recommendation marketing. Or are you asking satisfied customers to tell their friends about you?

Just share the output, write the menu, please send a letter in which ask for opinion. Enable social media buttons “Share”. It’s simple: satisfied customers will be glad to tell about you.

  1. Do something great for “Oldies”

Although beginners it is easier to make say loyal customers is a good opportunity for recommendations. Give them something cool they can share. For example, the code for the discount, beta access to new products, status, badges, place on a special Board of experts.

  1. Focus on “persianova” customers

Although long-time customer like you, he’s not inclined to tell about you as the newbie who just came from you quite happy. So surprise another customer: obsluga it as a VIP client, take his appearance, give it a good try menu, organise a visit and make sure he left with something that would help him to tell you what’s cool.

  1. Learn to speak beautifully “thank you”

The glory of the recommenders — not just a right, but also very good for generating new references. But how to find those who deserve gratitude? Simple: ask every client who has recommended your name. Use this information to make recommendations something good.

  1. Always ask for feedback

If you don’t ask for feedback, customers still complain, however, not you directly, but on websites and in social networks. Feedback is not only a great way to improve, but also a wonderful occasion to remind happy customers to leave positive feedback. Let the request for review will be genuine concern about the quality of service. Ask them to evaluate your staff or give ideas for improvement.

And finally, you can give a coupon for a friend or just a signature of the buyer with the statement: “Yes, I authorize (company name) to use my review in their materials.”

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