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Your Paper’s Structure

All essays have to be composed in such a manner where each sentence arises from the previous one in the most logical way and according to the sure evidence that play a role of guide for readers.

As a rule, essays have the following structure:

  • The introductory paragraph or introduction
  • The text body, which points out the issues’ elaboration
  • The section of conclusion
  • The reference list, works cited, or bibliography

Introduction Section

The direct task of the introduction section lies in presenting the subject, describing how you comprehend the whole issue and explaining briefly how you are off to manage it. It is possible to start describing why you consider the subject as important and interesting one, providing a short historical or personal background, defining important terms and notions. Keep the introductory paragraph short and substantial. Although, if you constantly think, “do my essays for me,” it is better to seek for some professional assistance. In any case, it will not do any harm. So, do not neglect such opportunity at once.

Body of the text where the elaboration of issues takes place

More often than not, some students’ works present a general overview of other persons’ ideas, points of view, philosophical views, and attitudes.

On the other hand, other students may only voice their individual views without any evidence taken from other sources to support their particular viewpoints. What is required here is a golden middle.

Your instructor may give you some fundamental text publications to read over. Apply them as the base appointed for research, but be ready to expand on what has been said or read across the subject in a complete manner.  Keep notes of all sources and information used as you proceed with the writing stage. Of course, you can order essays online, but do not reject a chance to write it yourself; it will give you a well-remembered experience.

Also, you are expected to refer to works of other authors. The most significant requirement is that the materials you refer to have to demonstrate evidence and illustrate the point stated by you.

In case you cite to another writer’s text or book, remember to indicate where the data and evidence come from with references. One should also give a full reference in bibliography at the close of your paper.

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Conclusion Section

At the close of your essay, you have present a brief conclusion, the aim of which is to summarize your arguments or points of view.

The conclusion section is normally a good place for stating questions, which are left open in your essay.


Include the list of references or bibliography at the close of your paper. In case you have put a direct quotation from the text of other author, point out where the evidence comes from. In case, you have familiarized yourself with other documents to compare your arguments, then these documents also need to be referenced properly.

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