What is the difference between the coursework and the term paper?

Objectives of work and main differences

Term paper – a scientific text with a logical structure, which contains data from monographs, journals and articles on a given topic.

Coursework is a scientific work in which, in addition to literary sources, the author’s own reflections and conclusions are added.

Comparison of the main differences between the term paper and the course

Type of work Volume, p. Directivity Sections Availability of applications
Term paper 15 – 20 Only the systematization of material Main part No
Coursework 30 – 45 Systematization of the material + conclusions and reflections Theory and practice Yes



Creation of the term paper assumes that the student will be able to logically locate data from the area of interest for further use.

The difference between the course – a demonstration of your abilities to research. Of course, no one expects new discoveries from you, but you will still have to demonstrate the ability to analyze information.


The optimal volume of the term paper and course is 15-20 and 30-45 pages, respectively. Changing the values is possible at the request of the teacher.

Note that the term paper less than 15 pages does not inspire confidence, since the data in this work is too small.

On the other hand, the 50-page course also does not inspire confidence, but only doubts about the student’s ability to sort the material.

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The term paper is characterized by an integral, indivisible main part, and for the course one, on the contrary, its division into two chapters is theoretical and practical.

Let us recall the unified sections of the scientific research: introduction, main part and conclusion.

The theoretical head of the course is the basis for the formation of personal judgments on the stated topic.

Comparison of the structure of the essay and the term paper

Term paper Coursework
Contents Contents
Introduction Introduction
Section 1. Chapter 1 (theoretical)
Section 2. Section 1.1.
Section 3. Section 1.2. (etc.)
(etc.) Chapter 2 (practical)
Conclusion Section 2.1.
Bibliography Section 2.1. (etc.)






Since the term paper is an introduction to literature, in it, almost always, there are no additional materials.

The exception is:

The presence of a large number of schemes or tables that can be put into the application for convenience

If the term paper is devoted to the work of an architect, artist, sculptor, etc., then you can put examples of their works in the application

In the course, on the contrary, a comprehensive study of the problem is welcome, so when analyzing the material, you will have to create applications based on comparing materials from different sources.


Defense of the term paper – for 5 minutes composed of the most significant theses of your work.

Defense of the coursework – for 5 – 7 minutes, containing in addition to the main part of the results of work and accompanied by a presentation.

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