How corporate culture influences on your company

The eternal problem: employees are complaining about their company and managers, and those, in turn, is not satisfied with the workers. It is now fashionable to think that corporate culture can improve the situation. But few people know that the corporate culture can truly do anything, if it is a reflection of the management culture, traditions and philosophy of the company.

In the past one man was fortunate to work in the company, the main corporate culture where Buda opinion: “there is not your question, just a common purpose and common cause.” Some workers are quite skeptical of this philosophy, some considered it inadequate to the reality, some are quite naive. Less so, the idea is not just to work, and changed us forever.

Thanks to this formulation, all employees were included in the workflow in such a way that everyone knew its main stages and problem areas.

Link middle management (heads of divisions and areas) become part of the Council on strategic issues. Thus, all who held had the freedom for decision-making at the appropriate level, took this decision from the point of view of the workflow as a whole.

What metamorphosis has occurred in the company over time:

  • flexible decision-making in a critical situation;
  • wide application of operational inter sectoral working groups (project groups);
  • understanding of employees of various departments the specifics of each of them, possible implementation problems;
  • an open dialogue between key experts;
  • an organic combination of individual and collective responsibility, etc.

Time passed, and today some of us are already working on their own or in other companies. And the habit to work when you care about the decision of a problem – remained.

The picture when past employees with the miracle talk about how are drawn to them, workers at the new place of work. Come with your questions, advice, please help in expediting the solution. Colleagues quickly move up the career ladder quite easily and become managers gain the trust of the team.

Some business owners think that a single purpose all employees can exist only in the case of small number of employees of the company. But big companies suffer from the fact that the “right hand knows what the left is doing” and not interested in it. But the calls for “single purpose companies” are at every training camp and they apply to everyone!

So, if you form an effective corporate culture – build and adjust management policies. Want all employees strived for the same goal – let them see the goal and understand the steps of the company. Determine which employees You need: proactive or passive, creative or foolish, brave or cowardly, etc. – and then let them be.

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