What to choose: planning or actions

Ask any business person about her plans for the coming year and you will almost certainly hear: “I plan to raise the level of your business.” But what really do these words mean? What criteria will be used when assessing achievement of the purpose? Not it is necessary to first define what is meant by “improve”? To these and other questions trying to answer the author of the blog Business Branding by Ed Roach.

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The development of the company, regardless of the nuances that gives it the owner of business always requires detailed planning. Almost every businessman loves planning. The owners love to predict what will be their company in five years and how this will change themselves. This gives them a sense of control. And of course, no one in the business likes the feeling of inertia of inactivity.

But very often such a plan is reminiscent of new year’s resolutions that people like to give themselves. Great intentions without any effort on their achievement. Under New year sport clubs are gaining a lot of new members that in the future, so never visit them because you will not be able in practice to implement your perfect plan.

Development requires more than planning and visualization. It requires investment of time, effort and willingness to work long and hard.

The company that we all know, love and believe has been very successful, managed to reach his position, primarily due to the willingness to work and ability to think strategic categories. There is no short road to success. After you have created the ultimate in terms of a focus on the achievement of the objectives of the plan should be prepared for a much longer and complex process of its implementation. Without doing the second step, you will never be able to enjoy the achievement of the coveted “highest level”.

Should act – not just to plan. And to act means you adhere to your plan. It is the people that act can call themselves visionaries. And regardless of whether the attempt to the success or defeat of the man who achieved it, always gains experience, learns and grows. Visionary does not recognize defeat he sees only possibilities.

So do not plan to develop your business is to grow your business! And this is such a seemingly minor but pivotal difference.

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