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What are the disadvantages of traditional methods of reading?

The article considers factors that reduce the speed of reading and the depth of mastering the content of the text. Reading literature is at a different pace. Already during the preliminary acquaintance with the book, you can see that when looking through the table of contents or leafing through the selected section of the book, […]

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How to get more from learning

Very soon, current entrants will leave school desks and will be among the students. You probably heard that the student years are called the best in life. This is true, but one should not assume that while studying at a university you can only enjoy life. However, only going to lectures, doing homework and waiting, […]

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Month before the exam what do you need to do

It’s not exactly about this testing, but about what you should know and have time to do in the last month before the exam. Calm down One can confidently say that at this stage, graduates have long been bored with some words, like tests, exams, essays, scores and many others. Someone starts to panic – […]

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The crisis of youth – up close and personal

When I entered the university, I was very, very good. I finally broke out from under my mother’s wings, I began to manage the time myself. I had classmates and neighbors in the hostel, ready to discuss not only study (at last – interesting!), But also the fate of the world. We all, perhaps, were […]

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Ten tips for time management

Effective use of time is certainly one of the most important elements of success. If you know how to use time fully and rationally, then this alone is enough to say that you have reached considerable heights in self-development. Today, for starters, I want to point out ten quick ways to save time. So, ways […]

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Tips for students – how to properly study in a university

Curious situation develops – there are millions of students in the world, most of them yearly experience the same problems and difficulties, but there is practically no information on how to cope with them on the Internet. A dozen pages found through Google educate students about how to properly prepare for exams and persuade the […]

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