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Cyber Warfare and its relationship to Information Warfare (Part 2)

Domains of Information Operations Information Operations (I.O) has three distinct sections: (Physical, Cognitive and Information). The physical part entails Kinetic warfare that comprises of demolition, physical destruction and abuse of the elements of the intercommunication systems and information infrastructures. Cognitive Warfare primarily prevails in the mind and involves operation security, psychological functioning and military deception […]

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Cyber Warfare and its relationship to Information Warfare (Part 1)

INTRODUCTION Cyberwar (C.W) is the intrusion by a country to another nations’ network or computers with an aim of causing disruption or damage. These intruders may not only be a country but also include non-state parties such as companies, terrorist groups, hackers, transnational criminal sects and ideological and political extremist groups. Cyber Warfare involves, acts […]

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International Business

Some people outside the United States say teens exposed to large doses of U.S. culture on MTV will identify less with their own societies and will desire Western goods they cannot afford. MTV’s response: “It’s just fun, it’s only TV” What do you think? Are there dangers in broadcasting U.S.-style programs and ads to developing […]

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Foreign Language Should Begin In Kindergarten

Communication and language are known to be at the heart of human experience. Countries must educate students and learners who are linguistically equipped to communicate and interact successfully in their national language and foreign language (, 2015). This paper looks at the right stage at which a student should be introduced to the foreign language. […]

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Foreign Aid

For a long time, the issue of foreign aid has been debated.  Many proponents of foreign aid have argued that foreign aid has a lot of humanitarian as well as economic benefits to the receivers. They point out that foreign aid is mostly targeted towards the developing economies where the population cannot afford even the […]

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On Quality of Education

In most of the countries a proper practice is carried out of children attending school and only in rare cases is educated by their parents in a type of home schooling system. This might be due to some culture norms or other religion based issues, I believe that a school can generally provide children with […]

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To What Extent Is the Use of Animals in Scientific Research Acceptable

According to statistical surveys more than 100 million animals are used annually in various scientific researches all around the world. In United States alone around 26 million animals are part of some type of research or testing. This number is alarming and raises many questions about the significance and necessity of animals in the multibillion […]

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Crusade with Reason

Introduction There was an increase in tension between the Christians and the  Muslims in the 1000s. Byzantine  Empire was defeated by the Muslim Turks at the battle in 1071. The Emperor asked the Pope to offer him some help to conquer the Muslims. In response to this,  Pope Urban II instructed the European knights to go […]

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Should Rich Countries Forgive all Debts for Poor Countries?

Poor countries borrow money from rich countries to finance projects that help the citizens have a decent standard of living. Some of these projects, such as food and petroleum subsidies, are not income generating, so the need for money just increases leading to more borrowing (The Economist, 2005). Due to this fact, the money the […]

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