4 main reasons why customers do not buy

4 main reasons why customers don’t buy “Why do we not buy?” This question is probably one of the most common in the business. In this case we are talking about potential customers of your products or services, which are ideal to become your real clients. In fact, there are at least 4 reasons that lead to this result.

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  1. Bad sales tactic

This is the very first and obvious reason. You have already found your target audience, conducted market research. You know who needs to sell. But there is one problem – you can’t sell. Perhaps the reason is a wrong tactic that you use. Maybe it’s too complicated. Try to take a new look at the situation and find the simplest solution to this problem.

  1. Questionable value/ benefits

This is a pretty important point. Customers pay attention not only on prices but also on the value of the product, the benefits it gives them. If the client is unable to understand what advantages give him your product, he is unlikely to buy it. Because not understanding the value of the product, do not understand why for him to give their money. Roughly speaking, if a customer walks into a liquor store, he doesn’t care that it sold about 2000 wines. All you need is one bottle that will allow you to relax at the end of a long day and will be in Italy at least in mind. Show your value – and sales will go up.

I must say that this problem not always occurs in a situation when the entrepreneur (or hired a marketing expert) has identified the benefits of the product. It can occur when these benefits is not clearly defined. So, the owner of the goods may feel that he did everything right. But what seems to him, will not necessarily be clear to the client.

  1. Questionable guarantees

To the consumer it is important to realize that he can return the product. Even if he’s not going to do. In this case, any buyer wants to have less problems in case of return. It will be easier to return the product no questions asked, than to pass a lot of procedures on registration papers. 30-day return of goods is the norm in many stores. Usually this is enough to understand that particular product does not suit you. In General, if the consumer wants, he will still return you the goods. The law is on his side. That is why you should do everything possible to ensure that the information on the return was everywhere visible. It is better to calm the person in advance and submit a refund in as another benefits of buying from you. From the return of the goods still does not run, so make it one of the nice features of your company, as perfectly, for example, the company Zappos.

  1. Wrong place and time

This situation is a little more complicated. Point of sales can be located in the wrong place. Then the probability that you will be able to find customers, significantly reduced. But the place can be changed. But if there is a situation that you sell a product not on time, here… it is worth Recalling the history of the Apple Newton. Newton was the first Communicator in the history of the computer industry. Apple gave him a lot of features and a nice design at the time. CEO John Scully predicted a billion-dollar market. But the project failed. He has not found the consumer. Some time passed, and smartphones have joined our lives. In General, innovative ideas are Apple and this time he brought company. It introduced the product too early, when consumers were just not ready for it. This could happen with your goods. And to fix this problem will be difficult.

Of course, it’s not all 4 problems that can lead to the fact that you will not buy. There are plenty of reasons. But these 4 are some of the most important that are worth paying attention to.

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