Secrets of corporate growth

In order to successfully manage operations, it is sufficient to answer the 5W questions: Who? What? When? Where? When? How? If you want to create a successful business, you need to add to the standard 5W-kit teller another “W” – Why?

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To create a successful business that fully reveals the potential of all employees, it is necessary that they share a common higher purpose, shared vision and shared values. It is essential that people understand why they do it and wanted to do it better. It is the sixth “W” turns a Manager into a leader, allows you to give employees the authority, charge them with energy and to ensure that they did not just what you have, and everything I can.


Create a business when you are strongly interested in something and want to create something that I can be proud of. Inspire your people a clear vision. Define shared values and let them stand at the forefront of your business, directing all its activity. Create a great corporate principles, which cannot be copied by competitors. They will form the basis of your sustainable competitive advantage.


Finding the right balance of business will help you clearly articulate your goals and move more quickly towards him. Companies thrive when they manage balanced and harmonious development in the following four main areas: customers, processes, finances and innovation.


Remember the old joke in the auto mechanic that they would go to for help when all other mechanics could not fix the problem? He listened to the motor for a few minutes and then was struck at some strategic point, after which the engine, surprisingly, started to run fine. The mechanic then showed the owner of the car account at $ 400. He was asked to explain why. The mechanic said: $ 1 for my time and $ 399 for knowing where to hit.


Timeliness of action is extremely important. You should know not only how to do something, but when. “The value of actions lies in their timing,” taught the wise Lao Tzu. The value of your product to the buyer, for example, is its timely delivery. Change is inevitable, but if you understand business cycles and how to anticipate changes, these rapid changes will not break. On the contrary, you will be able to fly on their crest.


“Ultimately, the essence of management can be summed up in three words: people, product and profits. And among them people stand in the first place” – taught by the legendary corporate leader, Lee Iacocca. Your corporate vision in vain, shared values do not make sense, but the strategy is untenable, if you don’t have the right people and teams stars who could materialize.

People are the most underutilized resource the vast majority of firms. In the new economy that moves knowledge, independent entrepreneurship and initiative is needed at all levels of the company. Involvement in the Affairs of the company ceased to be one-way traffic. In today’s corporate environment, every Manager should actively work to attract all the resources and abilities of the company to enable it to achieve its objectives.


Manage processes, not people. Don’t concentrate on what they do and how they do it. Create synergistic, cross functionally the innovation management system and business processes that span the enterprise as a whole, and often also its partners, is focused on creating the highest value for the customer.

So, if you want to stay successful in business, always be aware of 6W corporate growth and apply this principle in practice.

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