11 advices to managers from Google

Business Insider asked several former Google employees to share what they have learned during the work in one of the most powerful technological companies in the world. The company, which earns billions of dollars, in a strange way, combining the spirit of freedom and fun with serious business. So, your attention is invited to the 11 lessons that people learn during work in Google.

  1. Don’t be afraid to be a bastard

Do not try to look white and fluffy, when looking for the company of really smart people who have already achieved something in their field. It is not necessary to hire a person just because vacancy is illuminated, and the applicant for the position, not undermine. Google co-founder Larry page always cuts the truth-womb and cares little about how his words can hurt someone’s feelings.

  1. Look into the distance

Google is always looking over the horizon, and the company proves it: invests in people, software, infrastructure, and brand. Employees see things, and believe in the bright future of the business.

  1. Give freedom to employees on the front lines, so they can create products of world level

Trust your employees and respect them, especially “labour horses”. In the case of Google engineers. They feel better than other employees what the consumer needs. But such people will not work under duress. Inspire, create comfortable conditions, and then they threw you the latest developments.

  1. Make decisions with facts and figures

Any new idea must be supported by data. It will help to visualize innovative proposal and to make the right decision concerning its further destiny. To act solely on instinct – too rash. Sometimes the instinct is, what idea you can test, nothing more. And the right way will tell the results of testing and analysis.

  1. Make sure that you consider all opinions

In Google the rules of democracy. To push your idea, you need to enlist the support of an increasing number of people. And for this you need to intelligently argue their position, to be able to reach the right people and get their feedback. Final decisions are made in Google only after key staff come to consensus.

  1. Let people grow within the company

Good company fun and the opportunity for professional growth go hand in hand. Ask people what they want to do and where I want to make a career. And, of course, to create conditions for learning.

  1. Be honest with your employees

Google has no secrets from his people. Staff regularly gather for meetings where they learn about the key events in the company and ask questions that concern them. Particularly acute questions are asked anonymously.

  1. Attitude with staff seriously

Applicants for the position in Google are sometimes ten and more interviews. All the results of the interviews are recorded in reports, which are then relayed to their superiors, and then candidates are selected on the highest level. The salary and bonuses are calculated individually. HR managers Google to track mood of the employees and convey the research findings to heads of departments to compare their work with work of other departments. And all this is automated via software.

  1. Set the bar high for new employees

Google States that the company has ambitious plans and therefore employees are required to think big.

  1. Choose the best partners, but not the most

Doug Edwards, a former marketing Director and brand Manager of Google, says in his new book “I’m Feeling Lucky: Confessions of Google Employee Number 59” a story about this. Once it was necessary to replace the CRM system. Doug looked that offer in the market, chose an appropriate vendor. But Larry page rejected the proposal and arranged a meeting with several of his friends who have created their own CRM. At that time, their product was not even beta. Doug thought that Larry was joking, but he was quite serious. For a few months, the developers settled in the office of Google, wrote the code, bug fixes, customized software under the requirements of the company. The result was the best on the market CRM. After this incident, Doug Edwards refers to major suppliers only if you can’t find some smart and hungry guys that can solve a problem in the garage.

  1. Make sure that you will have an exciting future

To become number one, need to get inspiring the future. It is difficult to do. Especially if you are competing with Twitter and Facebook, in which the future is also quite attractive. Perhaps this is why Google is trying to achieve perfection in several areas.

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