Everything that concerns marketing and advertisement in your business activity

Brand names people use as generic terms

Brand, name which have become brand to household name – good or bad? On the one hand, it plays into the hands of the company through the identification in the minds of consumers trademark with the category as a whole. However, there is a certain danger: the transition of the trademark in General use as […]

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What should be a good positioning

What should be a good positioning is intended to inspire and encourage to action (if you’re not a rabbit it intends to devour the coyote). Not that it is spinning around money, market share and your managerial ego, writes Guy Kawasaki in the business bestseller The Art of The Start: The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for […]

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Why McDonald’s advertising so effective

Thanks efficient marketing McDonald’s, on the planet nearly every evening a McDonald’s cafe to. About the journal “Anti’s websites marketing” was gathered methods businesses that motivate individuals to attend the following Mac to purchase a lot more depart and not-too wholesome foods rapidly cope with them… But to return. Women’s wonder barred The entire year […]

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7 signs of successful sellers

Seven indicators of the effective differentiates the typical salesperson and the effective Supervisor? Really with this problem you’re impossible to obtain a possible solution, if any, may obtain. The absolute most effective salesmen significantly, get it done normally and, are merely performing their work. Steve Martin, who shows revenue technique in the USC Marshall College […]

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4 main reasons why customers do not buy

4 main reasons why customers don’t buy “Why do we not buy?” This question is probably one of the most common in the business. In this case we are talking about potential customers of your products or services, which are ideal to become your real clients. In fact, there are at least 4 reasons that […]

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That magic word “Free”

That magic word “free” to attract the buyer’s attention, often use the word “free”, and your generosity will pay off handsomely. We offer 10 ways on how this can be done. Bonus The basic principle is illustrated with the scheme: “Buy two chairs, get the third free”. An old trick that everybody knows, “but it […]

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The pros and cons of strategies

Any dialogue on technique undoubtedly leads to a “attract” since every benefit that is proper there’s drawback or a weakness. The authors Strategy Safari: A Guided Tour Through The Wilds of Strategic Management suggest to check out the substance of the technique, examining its benefits and drawbacks within the numerous program areas. “The strategy sets […]

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The personal aspect of your brand

Branding has many faces and forms. And the Internet gives business owners a new set of unique tools of branding. One of the most powerful, especially when we are talking about small businesses – the so-called personal branding, the authors of the blog Small Business Branding. Below are some of the most convenient ways of […]

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Seth Godin about ad blockers or when advertisers wake up

One of the most popular in the world of marketing, is the author of several business bestsellers, Seth Godin (Seth Godin) in his blog explains what real marketing is and why ad blocker is a natural reaction of tired of the consumer. More and more people block out advertising banners in their browsers. Of course, […]

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