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Publications on common threads for managers

Is it always necessary to hire entrepreneurs

  Many creators as company development, of businesses, begin to fret that the youngster is gradually dropping its ” spirit.” The more the brand new workers are received by you, the less they believe they “comprehend” particulars that set them in addition to the opposition and the tradition. “I frequently notice from commanders they need […]

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Ikujiro Nonaka. Path to knowledge creation

Today it is fashionable to create teams for knowledge management. But, as a rule, such units arise in the IT departments. And that’s not enough.  in his book Managing Flow: A Process Theory of the Knowledge-Based Firm argues that those leaders who use knowledge management as an element of IT, do not fully understand how […]

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How corporate culture influences on your company

The eternal problem: employees are complaining about their company and managers, and those, in turn, is not satisfied with the workers. It is now fashionable to think that corporate culture can improve the situation. But few people know that the corporate culture can truly do anything, if it is a reflection of the management culture, […]

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If you have a business idea

Every day in the minds of hundreds and thousands of people come up with wonderful business ideas that could bring multimillion profits. But these ideas never come to life because people do not know where to start. Usually such losers justify their indecision that they do not believe in the success of their ideas. But, […]

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11 advices to managers from Google

Business Insider asked several former Google employees to share what they have learned during the work in one of the most powerful technological companies in the world. The company, which earns billions of dollars, in a strange way, combining the spirit of freedom and fun with serious business. So, your attention is invited to the […]

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10 ingredients for change management

Change management is one of the eternal questions. This topic is often raised, but seldom well developed. Yann Gourvennec, Director, Marketing Visionary, who has 20 years of experience in marketing, innovation and business development, has compiled a list of ten ingredients, most, in his opinion, important and urgent if you want to introduce a new […]

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How to manage people who drive you to anger

Ideally, everyone wants to work with pleasant and accommodating staff, but not necessarily have to deal with people you just don’t like. If it’s valuable employees, then you have to adjust your management approach for their own peace of mind and efficiency of the team. Richard Felony, the author of the Business Insider magazine, cites […]

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4 main functions of a wonderful manager

Choose the person to formulate their expectations from his work, stimulate it and facilitate its growth are the four main components of the manager role as a “catalyst”. If managers do not cope with this role, regardless of the technology and the ability of the leaders to inspire the company gradually fell apart, the authors […]

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