Economic Aspect

Here is the info on economic aspect of management

Ten Top Guidelines regarding Report Writing

Do not forget to determine what your principal goals and objectives must be in school report writing prior to starting. When you have some doubts, address to your scientific supervisor and ask him/her for assistance. Pay attention to your readers: his/her knowledge connected with any technical terms and knowledge about the given subject, educational level, […]

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The crisis as a mirror of management

In order to win the war, it should be prepared in peacetime. It is human nature to believe the best and this is the main driving force, however, faith is not enough… do Not forget about logic and causality of each event. The situation surrounding the global economic crisis of course one way or another […]

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Failed experiment with the system of self-managed teams

In the early 1990-ies one of the leading hotel companies have set up an experiment, replacing the traditional function of management on the system of self-managed teams. This thought belonged to a member of senior management whose endless ideas are accepted only because he knew how to present them correctly. Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman […]

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Monopoly or healthy competition

Monopoly is a situation where one firm, or one product have no competition or a replacement. Thus, get all the credit to one player. If this is true? Everyone will tell you differently. Does it worth it? Only the owner of that firm, but not consumer. What we get in the end are we? Let’s […]

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